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My Quote: Trusting Unreliable Things

The rich man boasting about his riches and the woman flaunting her beauty are the same. They've trusted the most un…

Quotes 3: What You Believe

What energy are you emitting to the universe? Fear, worries, and anxiety, or courage, peace, and love... It's amazi…

Quotes 1

Don't be troubled... Everything will eventually end...

Quote 1

If we refuse to see the impermanence of things and absorb ourselves in the pursuit of life's trappings, we've d…

The Peaceful Place

We think of peace as an ideal place, a realm without a tinge of chaos and conflicts. So, we thrive at it as tho…


Tama Four

Tama Three

Tama two



Far More than Rubies

A Woman Living with a Purpose Far More than Rubies   “ Honour her for all that her hands have done, and let her…

Dream: At the Country Side

I had a dream and I saw something so beautiful... Something I can't describe...  I drove to the countryside and s…

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