We think of peace as an ideal place, a realm without a tinge of chaos and conflicts. So, we thrive at it as though it is a destination we want to reach and follow unending rules concocted by flawed humans, bruising all along the maze for this elusive trophy. 


What if peace is just a state of mind, often where we are, in our trials and in our triumphs, in the cringing hours of defeat and in the liberating moments of victory? It is not what you stumble upon in a labyrinth, but a gift you have the power to give to yourself anytime. See the child running naked down the hill, he dances gleefully in the rain, basks in the sunshine, finds crickets in the soothing twilight bliss, and relishes a meal of rotten beans behind a broken door and cracked walls. On the other side, the tufts of the city are ruined by their sophisticated ways, bankrupt with sabotaging fears, frightened by their shadows and swindled of rest by the impermanence of their wealth.


If we look beyond the dark clouds gathering around us, beyond all anxieties and insecurities of our days, and absorb ourselves in every moment, we might come upon the estuary of peace, a place of empowerment, and nothing, not even the fiercest storms, would be able to stop us.


creative Arena

Beyond the flawless facade is a boy on the path of self-discovery.

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