When the sun cried

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*When the sun cried* ( A born Day)

Do I see hands over a face in the sky?
I thought the sun had mustered courage
If it turns red at times
Then it owns a red mind
But red minds don’t cry
Then what are these rain drops
I see, falling from the sky
Alas! Can a teary mother in labor
Drown in streams of pain and hot tears
May be a teary new born
In wonder of a new world
Drill tears from a hot red sun
Yet anxious fleshes wait in another world
They gasp with joy, hands await the new born
Drums, strings and drinks awake
Scrubbing sleep off their eyes
Yet, two souls weep in the other world
And a third, the sun, weeps
Why the weep o sun!
Lo I realize
The uniqueness of man
The rich red that runs through his vein
The sublime craftier who crafted
Hands of dignity that embrace him
The tinkering
Now cry me a river O sun!
Your tears tells not tales of cowardice
Courage fills the air
Though thou defied the odds
With such tears
But it came when man came new
So Man worth thy tears
And if a new man worth thy tears
The man is worth celebrating
Now celebrate this special being
For the sun broke down for him
© Ubani D 2018

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