Short Story by KHAYTEE

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Dear the first,
I grew up trying to  please you. I always thought being first was the only way to win your heart. But I was never good enough, in truth I still don't think I am....good enough. It's okay though,  it doesn't hurt so much anymore. Okay I lied. It hurts a lot. Maybe I was a mistake, never  meant to happen. I can't find any other way to explain why I'm treated in certain ways. I guess my love isn't enough for the both of us to share. Then again do I even know what love is. Anyways I don't hate you. In fact, I thank you. You taught me about how cold the world is and make my heart stronger. Thank you.

Dear the second,
You came into my life and caught me off guard. Taught me to lower my walls. Made the world look so beautiful. Took me out on a magical ride into the world I knew nothing about. Made learning intriguing. How could I have known you were just another wolf in sheep's clothing. You played your cards well. I was a fool. But without you o would never had known what heartbreak felt like. I thank you for all the lessons learnt. I now know that this thing call a heart can he taught to not love. Thank you.

And finally, dear the third,
I do not yet know you but I have had a thousand and one dreams about you. I look forward to meeting you in person. I can't wait for all the fun we'll have together, the in-house jokes we'll laugh at, great races in the park. I most especially can't wait for your first word; I have a feeling it will be my name. I promise that I'll try to be the best I can. Give you the best of both worlds. Please don't be mad if you lack a him in your life. I promise we'll do just great. I thank you for giving me hope. I love you. Thank you.


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