Ola Olu’s Proposal

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This is my love story
Which must be read & heard
Take a bench, sit back anywhere, at home, bar or lorry

Listen to the bleeding heart
As it's strapped between the fangs of beauties
Listen to the sobbing heart as I start
My heart toured the seas, deserts, continents and countries

And here I'm again
Molested, deprived, depressed, defrauded and victimized
How I wish I never started the game, I hated the chosen plane touring through the lane
By many, my heart as been played, tricked And sodomized

I've fallen with the wrongs all along
I've been hurt so many times, so bad
That I vow to divorce & veer all love stories and songs
For whenever I remember my loves, tears roll down and I'm sad

I totally shut my heart down to love
It's eradication from the world's diction is all I beseech
I planted my hatred for love
The upshot was a forest not a pitch

Till I set my eyes on you
I felt the earthquake quickly within
I can't help staring at you
Valley of oil at my feet, I was baptized within

Since that Vista
It's panorama was my brain shore
I could think faster but slower
Only your thoughts revives my core

Nothing is done
The system is paralyzed
Whenever you're gone
Or not glanced

This is why I ask you to marry me
Are you promising me a new beginning?
Or you mending and replacing my heart by marrying me?
Or you're sending me back to the beginning?

Please marry me

©Akanbi Taofeek 2018.

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