What Will bite you, will bite you

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My biggest fear is, not getting perturbed by anything. I
just want to live for others. I just want to be the
cross carrying our pains and turmoils. But as well, I
want to look beyond the sky and see a sort of
happiness as bright as the morning sky has yet to
I better begin to start caring…
But for what
There are many, many things- they are biting
If I get perturbed, then, I see my self-awake
And if awake, they may not bite me after all
After all I should be more rational than…
…they are
And knowledge, they say, is power
You know, there are not many things, many things, that are wrong with
That is for an introvert. That is if you ask them. There is nothing
I don’t even believe anything is wrong with me. My eyelids are blinking
up and down like a confused shadow now, telling me, am conscious,
am not sleeping. In fact I am hungry, and if I am hungry, what next?
…If I am hungry, then I am awake.
A hungry stomach should not even know what sleep is, not to talk of
describing it, or worst still, in big grammar- HAVING A CONCEPTUAL
I am not used to getting perturbed even if the family roof is ablaze- there should be nothing wrong.Even if the President is on an escapade from his destabilized country, may be sick to make it light, I don’t still care. That is politics, it should be politics, what is my concern self. They are eating the money, and I am here reading how they are eating the money. And some other big bellied ones- the opportunists, are even waiting at the door post of his life. They are waiting for him to kick the bucket, that is, to die. And they will continue from where he stopped, in his fight against corruption.
You all know what I mean…
Something like-
Recovering TWENTY BILLION from a building One building..
Not just a building-a room
In the building
And people are dying in hunger
I heard some other recoveries were made, from graves and all that
blah blah blah.
I don’t even care is the worst of it. May be I am beginning to lose hope in our leaders. That is, if at all the hope is not all lost. Many lost hope, but they are still fighting their course.
Even the roads to my very school should not even be a trouble for our type.
If they like let them come and repair it. That is, if they care.
And what if they don’t care.
Then, everybody can go to hell.
You see, many things have been stationed at various stations to station our lives at a station. To make it simple. The arrangers of life themselves, those guys, they know very well that there are many things that can bite.
Even those roads. The roads I care little of. That is, the ones they should work on, if they care, they can bite the hell of red blood from our skin.
Now, Imagine my very self, skipping past the busy car pack, waving to
the Okada man. I am still confused if he was deaf. Someone was
pointing to my direction. Then he turns, and starts coming. He made
me remember our popular slogan in school *LET ME BE* *COMING AND BE GOING*. You know, some times that can be the joy of being a student, experiencing life in a way that comes once in a life time, and later you will be surprised you did such a thing.
He stopped by the way, rode towards me.
“ Oga, were you dey go”
I stood still, pierced through his eyelids, I was seeing stupidity, I didn’t waste time telling him that.
“Where else I dey go, young student like me. Abi una get factory or company here, for this village”
He carried me any way. Money should be the heaven he so much hungered for, that very moment. I thought as much
“ Oga abeg fly if you fit fly” my lips was shivering.
“ Oga, hia, fly go where, for this road”
The truth of the matter is, there was nowhere to fly to. Wet, red mud was in fact waging a holy war against the Okada. It rained. I was late to school; the repercussion was bright as washed white ceramic tiles.
Something better might be the morning sky.
In fact I was late to school in a way that made me wondered if it was not better trekking, than taking the okada, plus the transport fare.
All the repercussions, I thought of, rained down on me as expected, as a typical frustrating rainfall will do. I thought as much. Now, they are eating their money, and I shouldn’t be reading and watching them eating the money. But shouldn’t my voice be heard, if i continue to cry. May be one day the sky will come with a better hope.
And I am even crying now, just because I have been bitten. Bitten by that good for nothing, bad, muddy road.
It is my road, your road and our road. What binds us, binds us very well.
I have just learnt to cry. You know, an introvert shouldn’t be crying, about a poor road, what concerns him.
What will bite us will bite us, if we don’t do that for which we are
human- that is to shake our body, and talk and scream. They must
hear our voice.
Even if we get bitten, at least we will be satisfied with our effort. And
we won’t cry much.

© Ubani D 2017✍

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  1. This is captivating and nice,if I'm permitted to point out, there are some little mistakes and you shouldn't have to explain the idioms used, that's what makes writing fun and reading interesting.

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