Empty Room

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there is an empty room in my heart
an endless space for your lifetme art
the door is open day and night
please come inside and see the light.


May i request you to stay and rest?
be my honorable and permanent guest
i will do my very best,
to give you everlasting happiness.
Your simple smile can wipe away
all of my tears and anxiety
but sometimes i'm stupid and crazy
i need to learn your sincerity.


If there is unfading loyalty
teach me how to serve you faithfully
just erase my doubt and fears today
If somebody will call you someday
and if you want to walk away
it's my honor to set you free.

my greatest dream to love you more
will remain true forevermore
my heart will never ever adore
anyone but your footprints left in the floor.
Floor in my ROOM
february 6,2018


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