Ripe Plantain

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All seated in class awaiting the next lecturer for what will likely  be a very long  lecture
Just then that moment arrives that moment when you look in somebody's face and you just can't look away because  you will be looking away from that thing you love,just like plantains, the ripe ones, the ones that have become so yellow with dark spots scattered across its skin.
You notice her face are as spotless as the ripe plantains when you remove its cover and you  fantasize because you know her body will be like her spotless face beneath her dress .
Just then ,she  almost  caught you staring at her but you look down and your eyes meet  her legs, her legs are fine and curved  like putting two plantains in an horizontal position.
She cuts through your heart as easy as knives cut through plantains.
You wish she will talk to you, you wish she will be yours one day, it hurts you ,she doesn't notice you,you know her dogs name but she doesn't know your first name, it hurts you so much like hot oil jumping out of the frying pan and landing on your skin, you should run at this point but you can't your eyes are focused on her ,your plantains are still frying ,you are ready to endure pains just for a moment of joy with her.
Then you hear her call your name, you are shocked,you look at her face again,your heart melts and becomes soft like the ripe plantains you just took out of the frying pan, she only wanted to ask if you had two pen ,you didn't but you gave her the only pen you had, you are a fool but what does it matter? ,your hearts feels this joy like that first bite of plantain,so sweet that you have to close your eyes just to savor the moment ,you encourage yourself that all hope is not lost she could be yours one day ,this plantain must never finish ,you want to continue enjoying it ,The ripe plantain; the beautiful omowunmi.


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