Paradise Lost

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Paradise lost

They said!
Creation's myth breathe
Clay we were at first
When He moulded a form
'nd breathe life with a missing rib

I ask!
Did I request thee,maker
To mould me Man,
Did I solicit thee!
From darkness to promote me?

Akunlegba! Akunleyan!
Your will for mine
Your image for mine
I am nought, but pawn in your hands

Ye that sedated Adam
'nd removed a rib from him
Without asking, "May I? "
Giving him his "Achilles heel"

All powerful and unquestionable
I was but nought before life
Why give life, while death lurks behind
Why choose "I" to be a pawn in thy hands.

Akunleyan &Akunlegba -Yoruba philosophies that explains human predestination


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