We Must Die before We Live

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In my forlorn dream
Of a night gone by
In a misty clouds I stood

Between two worlds
Before a fiery being
Winged of gold
Shrouded of flame

His beckoning hands stretched
Death he held in one
Life he held in the other

There in that smoggy meadow
I stood alone to chose destiny

My dreams are just sprouting
In the womb of time
My days with loved ones is not yet at its prime
Isn't it the greatest game of humanity
The game of staying alive

From the cradle to the coffin
We all avoid the route of death
Worshipping life with its many sacrifices

I reached for the hand clad with life
But with a draggy slur of reluctance
I touch divinity
Amidst a rage of warring of storms
That rumbled the azure realm in deafening noise

I choose *DEATH*
I chose to dare the unknown
Defiling mortality
Denouncing the mores of humanism

He stood motionless awhile
Before his puzzling gaze melted into a smile
His words rode on the wings of many thunders

“who taught you the secret of survival
You've made the right choice
You've conquered the greatest fear of all
For to love life is a choice of death
The enclave of esteemed nobility
Belongs to minds braver than death
If you must truly live
You must die first”

That to my inscience ears of childhood
Was an assemblage of absurdity

Once a while I sit on the hill of years
Peering back the path of experience
I see beyond the shadows
That men who conquered death in life
Are the ones who truly lived

© Olatuja Oloyede

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