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In the house of Ajala Onimori mori
There I have seen ladies of different backside
Devouring milk out of my manhood
Arousing sensual feelings
There they shake their buttocks

After my departure from Isanlu-Orun
Upon my arrival on planet earth
It was even more beautiful
I saw tempting hips
Along with ripe juicy mango

Standing firm in the body of this diva
My body taut
My john-thomas wiggled
But then our civilization master came
Telling us Olodumare is faulty

They have brought us new divas
Exactly a copy of Olodumare's work
Uhmmm; omolanke I call it
Built to satisfy man's erection
With a purpose of controlling humanity

Eemo wolu enire lo
Tis but an innovation of science students
Mixing zombie-ism to humanity
All for the sake of pleasure
Unto us; a sex doll was born

But have you seen my sexy Silver?
Adunni-Ola from the land of Ekiti
Whose body kills my imagination
Her juicy mango enough to warm me
Yet you say I should divert

Do you know I love it thick?
Yes! I love thick ladies
Perhaps you doubt me
Check the Kogi diamond I once romanced
Her thickness not a contention

Oh ye omolanke; how will you sensualize me
When I crave for Silver body
Tuah!!! I spit out this mess
Oh ye sex doll
You shall never drink from my seed

    Ogbeni Hercules
(21st Century Storyteller)
Write this to criticize sex doll

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