Never Younger Again

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If I can change the past
I will inscribe my story with caution
I will revisit the days of ignorance
To make wiser decisions

In this life
At many crossroads
I'd made terrible choices
Some angelic demons
I'd loved and trusted
Some disguise friendship
I'd foolishly ruined

Now I acknowledge this mortal truth sadly
Some wounds will never heal
Some scars will never go
Some tears will never stop
Some choices cannot be undone
The past will never change

I can be a child but once
Never younger again

The road of life stretches farther still
Errors of yesteryears will guide my steps
As the rudder directs the vessel

If you plant a wheat of breeze today
You will harvest stacks of fierce wind later
The mistakes of today
Are the ruins of tomorrow

© Olatuja Oloyede


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