Native Colonization

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We collectively fought
To pull-off the zhacklez
Of foreign rulerzhip

Hoping that the zun
Will Zhine on all the nationz
Uzhering freedom into our homez

To bathe in our rezourcez
Zit in luzh verandahz and officez
And laugh from our bone marrowz

Now, native colonializtz
Have azcended the throne
Engineered by their numberz

We work in their government
In our homez az zlavez
For they own our homez

We can only zing their zongz
Dance the dance of their mindz
Play the drumz of their dance

The foreign colonializt
Carted away our rezourcez
With their religion

Now, the new colonializtz
Ziphon our rezourcez
Preaching one country

While we ztay and watch
Az all are the zame-
Colonization and deprivation

In our ocean of tearz
They will zing democracy
Their 'demo-crazy!'


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