Desert of Pain

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Desert of pain

My heart feels heavy to breathe with ease
A pressing need I see unseen
My heavy heart does cry for sleep but;
My beautiful problem wouldn't let it be

Wandered has my mind afar
Scanty, is my heart right now
This pressing thought does weigh me down
Like the skies heavy with due pregnant clouds

My eyes think to cry tonight
For this thought clearly fills my mind
My once silver mind is laced with scars
My heart broken for I have no life

I wish the morn could shine so bright
So it would see my melting heart and cry so loud
I wish the night could be more calm
So my heart can again walk it's path

Oh life:with a crossed broken mind i speak my heart
With a bleeding heart,do hear me cry
Life oh life,I call you now
Hear the blistering sounds of pain that  I cry

© Tujahsuccess
The advopoet

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