Wild Cat

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Wild Cat

The earth turns and twists
and light is replaced with mist
the sun is shrouded in a dusky blanket
and the wild cat steps out of her lair

Haunt of secret alcoves
she prowls the labyrinths on padded heels
she trudged these parts before giant birds troubled the skies

What a night to be about!
wind raging like an inebriated giant
the rain streaming down
as though the Supreme wanted to put out the fire in the hearth

The wild cat is the hunter, and she is prey
the wild cat is the captor, yet she is captive

Sometimes she stares at you
with eyes like a volcano
cold one moment
like the recesses of the sea
sending chills down your spine
the next moment her eyes erupt
Into pools of molten fire
sending tremors up your spine

Her silence is more garrulous than speech
her silence speaks volumes
can you hear me?
Do you even listen?


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