Chains of Colonialism

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Chains of Colonialism


With hands full of weapons, they came.
Marching like a legion force,
With whips and claws,
To ensare the shaft of the dark minds,
With rain of traps across africa,

Africa, a sacred land,
Africa, a priceless jewel

African's pride longed for by imperialists,
Her integrity soaked in wolves clothing,
Pierced in the blood of the innocent,
Bloods of the deprived,

Innocents ones in the clothes of the guilt,
Citizens of insignificant,
The insignificant to the colonial masters.

Citizens allegiance forced to alien crest,
Crest of slavery, of exploitation.
Dominating the land owners,
Of resources in owned nations.

Slaves of past civilization,
Of ripped culture,
Culture of fragmented heroes,
Fragmented fate of the people.
People with no sweet anthems,
Of no pledge for freedom.

Lyrics of patriotism i will write,
Hymn of solidarity i will reaherse
Psalm of freedon i will sing,
All to defy injustice,
To appease the oracles of colonialism.

Colonialism in the name of its ancestors... to make africa a better one.


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