Alakowe Tale

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Alakowe's Tale

Alakowe's tale

Beneath the Palm shade
We sat, engrossed with Ayo Olopon
Wasted gourds of palm wine rested beneath 
Soponna kill anyone that disrupt this game, a drunk said
We laughed at Akanbi, the wine had made a fool of him

I eat my words, Soponna must spare this beauty 
Our head swayed with the evening breeze at once
Our mouth agape, Ase!!! We said to Akanbi's prayer
Mist of coldness fell on us as we watched her sway away
Spellbound, her buttocks movement matched my heartbeats 

A thousand lines of ancient lines birth from Solomon's bosom
An orchard of words I will nuture till I lay my hands on Asake 
Alakori Alakowe, snap out of your misty rusty dreams
Akanbi the son of Owolabi, the gold merchant replied
Who gives his daughter to a commoner ?

Your pen a curse, my friend.
I ride on horses, you ride on horses inked with words
A dozen carmels, hundreds of slaves, Cocoa plantations
Need I tell you of my father's wealth? Alakowe
Your Father is nothing but our village postmaster 

Beneath the thatched roof I laid enclosed by red bricks
Akanbi words came knocking, opening my hearts door uninvited
My pen, my art!!!! a curse his words floated before my eyes
The breeze led me to sleep, and I dreamt of Akanbi and Asake 
I dreamt of Aso Ebi and a plate of jollof at their wedding 

I woke, the world smiled at me, as flickers of light carved in
I remembered my curse, Akanbi's curse, my Pen. 
It burns like a raging passion, it stings like madness
Which thousands of Akanbi cannot undermine 
I will write, until kings slave under the ink of my pen. 

Alakowe-represents versatility, enthusiasm, agility
 and unconventional methods.
Soponna-A Yoruba god
Ase-Amen [Agreed]
Ayo Olopon- A popular local game in Nigeria
Alakori-An unfortunate person

Amudipe Opeyemi Marcus

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