We May Hide Behind the Walls of Lies

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Our shores are stained with the blood
Of too many innocent people
Our history is written with the tears of bullied souls
Too many people have died in this war
And our ears are now aching with the distant wailings
Of the millions denied of life and happiness

We may hide but not forever
Behind the walls of lies
We may pretend as if
We are never part of the game
We may sit astride on the cushions of silence
While the dancers of doom have the stage
We may sleep on the bed of peace
Watching the roofs of our neighbours 
Licked by the angry flames

But when that little house has fallen
Remember you own the castle standing by
And if your hands won't join to pull our the blazing faggots
You will only be lucky then
If your eyes are spared
To mourn an irrevocable tragedy

© Olatuja Oloyede

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