Big Girls and Fake Lifestyle

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You be Queen Zidreth  for city
But your real name na Sidi for village
You carry leg enter jeans  like giraffe
shoulder high like say u be Batman
You dey waka like Omo Presido

Your face yellow,
your hand brown
Your leg black
like say you wear costume
Are you a masquerade or a rainbow
You fake accent like person
wey dem pour acid for hin troat
Abi na true say dem pour sand for una brain

Your mama still dey village dey hustle
But you dey do "yo mama" for town
Una papa still owe rent for village
And you still dey do yanga for us here

Sister "mine", if u get ear to ear,
Hear wetin the spirit dey yann you so
It is an honour to be yourself
With that you can face your world
With pride in your eyes
Peace in your heart
And confidence in yourself
That is only when you have the right
to fight for your place...

© Olatuja Oloyede

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