I screw my brother’s wife by Albert Chimedza

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I screw my brother’s wife

I am the slithering snake in the grass

I am the yukky stuff that clogs the veins of the government

I am the leech that sucks the national purse.

Look at my two tone shoes from Milan

Real tweed suit from London – Prince Charles wears one like it

Metal facility Walkman from L.A.

Best vodka in town from my last trip to Moscow

I am the maggot that feeds off a juicy beast called ZIMCORD.

You must admit my video is good

I got it duty free in Brussels

I even managed a video copy of ‘Deep Throat’ with the change

Now I can watch ‘Dallas’ in colour

I have an eye for a good buy.

I am a little fella called the bottomless pit

I am a good citizen, I have faith in the government.

I never tire of gorging the good life

I have friends in the right places

I shall buy my personal copy of ‘Staying Alive’

On my conference trip to Paris next week.

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