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Thursday, 21 May 2020

The Beautiful Monster Called Love


You are the mystery unknown
Fiercer than the blazing sun
Tender as the morning dew
Sustaining the undying passion of the earth
Enshrouding her blossoms 
in the eternal silence of the grave

You are the heaven I dearly seek
And the hell I truly loathe
The gem of life for all
And the bane of death for us

Give me your wings to fly
Will it be through the starry sky 
Or over the blazing valley of the Great Beyond?

Goddess, let me in your royal ferry
Will you sail to the sea
Or will it be over the flood of my hurtful tears?

You are the grandest honor known
And the cruelest curse ever lived
All hail the beautiful monster called LOVE

I have tossed you in the air of doubt
Please fall on your brighter side
And leave the other 
for the oblong peace of the sea

© Olatuja Oloyede
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