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Sunday, 29 September 2019

Learn Corel Draw: Curve Editing

Curve Editing

We have almost infinite ability to change the shape of the curves we create. The position and type of nodes can be controlled, whether the line relating to the node is straight or curved, whether adjoining nodes are connected, whether nodes exist at all.

Node editing is achieved with the Shape tool in the Toolbox. You can use this to select the curve you are editing, pick up individual nodes and move them around, drag the line segment to change its form, move the node control points to alter the form of line segments, add and remove nodes.

There are four node types: cusp, smooth, symmetrical, or line. Nodes can be changed from one type to another.

Cusp nodes make the node's intersecting line take on the shape of a corner or point when you adjust the position of the node's control points.

Smooth nodes make the node's intersecting line take on the shape of a curve. Each control point can be shortened or lengthened independently, giving you smaller or larger angles to work with. Symmetrical nodes make the node's intersecting line take on the shape of a curve as well as intersect the node at exactly the same angle.

Line nodes let you shape objects by changing the shape of their segments. You can make a curve segment straight or a straight segment curved.

The more nodes there are in a curve, the greater degree of control is possible with its shape however beware of adding too many as this will increase the work your laser has to do and may slow down its operation.

Nodes can be added by clicking on the point of the curve you wish to add the node then clicking on the + icon on the Property Bar. They can be removed by selecting them and pressing delete, clicking on the icon on the property bar or by double-clicking on the node.

Selecting a node and clicking on the Break Curve icon separates adjoining nodes. You can also use the shape tool to click on a line segment then click on the Break Curve icon to break the curve at that point.

If the path has 2 separations it is possible to break the curve apart using the Break Curve Apart command in the Arrange dropdown menu. This will produce 2 separate curves.

Selecting 2 adjoining nodes and clicking on the Join 2 nodes icon connects them.

You do not have the ability to define an absolute position for nodes directly but you can get them to snap to guidelines or to a grid to achieve this. You can also get their control points to snap to guidelines.

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