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Sunday, 29 September 2019

Learn Corel Draw: About Curves

About Curves

A curve is a series of line segments, each line segment have a node at each end. Line segments can be straight or curved and they need not be connected to each other within a single curve.

Curve objects can be modified in different ways to the other objects you create. Each simple shape you draw using the tools in the toolbox can be modified in its own particular way. Rectangles can have their corners radiused, ellipses can be converted to arcs or pies, polygons to stars etc and text can be edited. Converting any of these to curves loses that ability but gives you the ability to infinitely modify the shape of the object.

Certain commands automatically convert objects to curves. An example is when using the Shaping Docker tools. Converting to curves is a one-way street so make sure your object is exactly as you want it to be before you do this. You will not be able to correct a spelling mistake once you convert text to curves and the process of changing the radius on a rectangle is much more complicated.

One of the great assets CorelDRAW has is the powerful curve editing capability. This is provided by the Shape tool in the Toolbox (Not to be confused with the Shaping Docker tools). See the section on Curve Editing for more information.

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