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Thursday, 14 June 2018

Tell Amanda by Olatuja Oloyede


_(life and health to you Amanda)_

You may not understand this
But it doesn't matter anyway
Just tell Amanda my friend
I send life
This is another reason to survive

I know she's been through a lot
Father her first foe
Mother a moral murderer
Life has no meaning
To the one that have known too many betrayals

But tell her
Tell Amanda my friend 
I send life

I hear her loud sobs echoing over a thousand hills
Even in this faraway land
I feel her pain unwashed by the river of childhood
Where we once picked pebbles in the rain
Her tears floods into an ocean
Enough to float great mountains
The excitements of youthfulness is gone
Like it may never return
*Only the beckoning silence of the grave*

Please tell Amanda
I send life
She can still shake free 
Those dirt thrown at her by the twists of life

In every weakness, there is strength concealed
Find it, *Amanda find it*
In every darkness there is a candle unlit 
Kindle that flame and survive
Live, don't die
Life and health to you Amanda

© Olatuja Oloyede
*Pen Panther*
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