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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Turn around

Prosperity is not a tree grow over night

Nor leaders are made through over sight

Poverty is not a curse of bad luck

So it cannot be solved by good luck

The odds we suffer are not far from the words we ulter

Destiny laid at alter of destruction out of ignorance

Education was to be our light but we've embraced darkness

Productivity  has been bowed due to lack of creativity

Slothfulness has become a regular activity

Yet we pride in our own negativity

We  strife to be like them forgetting our nativity

Christ has given us his nature calling us to make a turn

We've been gone for so long
But he was ever standing strong
Knocking in patience at our doors
Waiting that we might open up

Leave those worries,forget the agonies
Cast them upon him,for he cares for you

Turn around and be blessed of him

© Abimbola Noble

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