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Tuesday, 10 April 2018



Stroking her nape with just a finger,
Peaceful gesture, with painful picture.
In a split second she goes from flawless child,
Into,a clueless wild.
Her heart beats no more to the sound of melody, that conformed her spirit to glide on the waves of the sea.
As the waters will drown her soul in a convoy of love drawn from the depth of her lungs.
Harder and harder he thrust into her, with a force not yet known to nature...Slowly peeling her strength away.

Ignorantly, hatred becomes her friend and love, her foe. The world of candy and pony, told to you by that hag of a mother, cradling your head with so much lies than life, was only a narrow escape of her memories.
To erase the tippidy tappidy lane, you raced into being. Eager you were, to follow in the hollow an abyss of sensation.

I arouse in your tingling tiny little heart, my dear child.
Rest now for the night shall come again, where I shall ride again, just as the horses trodden on Spartan battlefields.
Live in denial, because this Nile has no end. It's a dark alley where you belong.
              © .....emydiana

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