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Saturday, 14 April 2018

Miseries: Seen and unseen

With heads hung high in the skies
With lies and deceit openly crawling into our lives
Helplessly were we forced to fold our hands
By circumstances unseen which tied our eyes

Our labours thrown on another soil
Our harvests brought again not joy unto us
Our lives gradually have turned empty and void
Our cries no longer matter since we all are poor

Hearts ripped with undue cause
For still a mystery remains if we were cursed
For our identity we'd searched for, for long
On a fruitless journey to live as one

Our brothers turned loathers
Insane hypocrites who fed off our streets and ate our peace
Our brothers turned crueslome  animals
Who feed on friends and foe in peace

The land is hungry for change
The air sweeps and desperately wants to be clean
Our hearts, searching for that peace
Our minds, begging for purity

My part is small,for the world is big
To generations unseen,fight against prejudice
Our right,our freedom
Shall we get only once we're free

© Tujahsuccess

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