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Saturday, 14 April 2018


A million cry

Slowly as the seconds count before our very own breath, its more than three month now with no single achievement. Students have cease to be one. Everyone is displaying insanity on the street. A saying goes thus; *"it is insane to be sane in an insane environment"*.

Over two  scores, the nation still lives in late 19century tactics by refusing  to pay workers, telling tales to the people how they'd build castle in the air ones s/he emerges but *all is done in 360 degree*. Over ten thousand students are being deprieved of their right and all is based on self interest which some will say they are not graced from Jah. *"When will we stop telling lies against Jah, and face reality?"*

A million cry yearly over bad governance of the ggovernment that has cease to meet the people's need and he feels it just to take the jeopardising step he took. The millions that cry are the masses that voted the aspirant into power. *"How long shall we stop being the same puppet of the unjust?"*

Daily as the Sun grows old, and still remains single and her beauty never fades away, we shall always be dupe, deprived, robbed, assassinated and brutalized if we turn deaf ears to the ongoing. The people needs to change not for good but from the old ways that has dragged them to the mud. Then, goodness from new ways will be their acolyte but a friend always say *"old habits are hard to break!"*

Finally, as for the future aspirants reading this, nature is spiritually, physically, mentally, financially, and psychological incline to be duped. Don't play with the unborn generation's future all in the name of pay back, power, name. *Karma is a prostitute that sleeps with everyone.*

*Let s/he that has a brain do the needful.*

© Taiwo Daniel

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