Marriage by Voice of AdeBob

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The young man puts one of his knees on the ground.
He puts his hand inside his pocket and brings out a small black box.
With smiles, he opens the small box and brings out a round metallic object. Yes, you are is a ring!
The young lady puts one of her hands on her chest and opens her mouth in amazement.
The next question is said..."Will you marry me?"
Indeed, marriage has for long been one of the most important things in a man's life.
Well, not only a man's; but also in a woman's life.
As one increases in age, the reality of life sets in.
One looks at the mirror everyday and wonders how time has flown.
The small boy of yesteryears who would roll tyres in the neighbourhood has now grown up to become a man with moustaches.
That little girl who would walk the streets in pants has become a fully developed lady.
What step is next then, if not marriage?
One cannot but agree that the necessity of marriage in one's life cannot be overemphasized.
The dreams of having the "bone of my bone" and the "flesh of my flesh" are quite fascinating.
After all, the Pidgin folks would say, "Body no be firewood".
Humans are truly not firewood.
They have feelings that are begging to be satisfied.
And what better way to satisfy them, if not via marriage with one's preferred better half?
But, as much as one wants to quickly complete the search for a bearer of "the ring", there are questions that must be answered.
Am I ready for marriage?
Am I fit enough to shoulder my responsibility, not to speak of that of my partner?
Can I sacrifice some of the pleasures of bachelorhood when I eventually become a wedder?
These and many similar questions have been unfortunately ignored by some young and 'hungry' youths.
All they search for is a partner.
They don't care about the circumstances surrounding a marital life.
They prefer to jump inside an ocean before thinking of how to survive in it.
Before they leap, they don't bother to look.
No wonder many people continually have failed marriages.
Before the marriage, they would think everything is perfect in all marital lives.
So, when they start experiencing the unavoidable cons of marriage, they always get shell shocked.
Because, they always fail to prepare for the liable problems of marriage.
Don't just pursue your aim. Make a plan!
Planning before marriage is not only about getting a good-looking, well-mannered and loving life companion.
It is connected to you...Yes, I mean you!
You should first get matured for marriage.
Well, maturity isn't about how old you are.
After all, age is not a criterion for maturity and more so, there is no fixed age for marriage.
Maturity in this sense is all about how all-round eligibly fit you are.
Whether you want to agree or not, a sustainable level of finance is an important life support of any marital life.
As I'll always say, love may be the vehicle you want embark the marital journey with.
But, the vehicle will always need something to power it...and that is finance; finance that is sufficient enough to sustain your life and that of your partner.
Are you that financially stable yet?
Isn't it hilarious that someone who can't boast of a salary of five figures is searching for a wife?
What will he feed her?
Stone and water?
Dear friend, you may not need to be stunningly rich before you get marriage. But, have a considerably good level of finance independence and capability.
There is no gainsaying that a good attitude (to all conditions) is also needed in marriage.
How well can you endure unfavourable situations?
If things go sour in your marriage, will you be able to stand firm?
When decisions are to be made in the family, will you be humble enough to consider the opinions of your spouse?
Or will your egoistic character prevent you from agreeing with your spouse's thoughts?
As I've always stated, it is very important that you become the right person before you decide to pursue the right partner.
If you still have a personality that is wrong, marrying someone with a good personality won't conceal your bad character. Don't be deceived!
A thief before marriage will continue to steal even after marriage.
A fornicator will still commit adultery after marriage.
Marriage won't take away some bad habits.
No matter how much you try to hide a smoke, it always finds its way out.
Likewise, no matter how much you try to cover up your character, it will slowly but surely manifest.
So, work on yourself first!
If you want a partner who is humble, then avoid being prideful.
If you want a partner who cares, then start caring for others.
If a partner who is faithful is your choice, then learn how to be faithful.
It may be important to eventually become one with the right person. But, it is more important to first make oneself the right person.
Don't get married because your friend has gotten married.
Marriage is not a competition.
If you rush into it, you will rush out of it,
Be patient.
Use the best of your time to become the right person.
Make yourself the kind of person you will want to marry.
Before asking "will you marry me?", look at yourself in the mirror and ask: "CAN I MARRY ME?"
Well, The Voice has spoken!


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