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Tuesday, 10 April 2018


In liturgies,
He never missed the front pew
Paid rapt attention to every syllablic sound
he believed that was his sword
He was a combatant of christ

He kneeled at the slightest order
Pressed his lips hard to the cross
The wafer,was his daily bread
He never sat with the one that smokes
He thought , the commandments he broke
"He was a sinner", he said

He never gave to Cesar's
What's Cesar's
He never respected the temporal principles
Said "I'm of heaven".

It's time,he heard the clarion call
Amidst stream of tears
He was thrown into obscurity
He opened his eyes lids
At the gate of empyrean,he found himself
Here I am",he shouted
With confidence he banged on heaven's gate
But the gate keeper didn't relate
What's wrong?
Have they embarked on strike actions?
Is he deaf?

He asked the chauffeur behind the wheel
Am I not worthy of a compartment here?
But he doffed his crown
Saying, "We don't give rooms to dogmatist"

He sorted to see  empyrean authorities
To make his ordeals known
But he had no luxury of time
In the pit of fire
He burned to embers.



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