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They too, have lain amongst dreams
And perused, in tears, and in a streamlet
Down the torrents of retreating hopes
For the fading face, of happiness.
Oft' times, their flattened chuckles
Are accompanied by orchestrated sounds
Of hungry stomachs and rotten foliage
Of infected water.
They too, have implored for mercy
Lying on church lawns
Whilst their kwashiorkored legs kicked feebly
And their heart begged for a warmer home.
Their footprints are synchronized
On the path of the supple stream
Where they sought their dreams
In a bottle of liquid hope
Their hollow eyes
Traveled In plunged requests
To the hearts of the natives, at the market square
For a dime, to quench the belly
Of its humdrum
Their hands, held in an accord
Coveting each other's dream
And renouncing desolate days
Ready to flare a good bye
To suffering.
Perhaps one day, they would say
I would buy mother a silken towel
And look askance at her ashen face
And tell her the world is void of love.

If by the morrow
We wish upon a shooting star
And lay our heads against the earth
We pray to be deftly sewn
To the wild things of yonder realms
But now,
They will scavenge the refuse dump
For a meal or two
To last them a million years.
*The Ghostwriter👻*

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