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Refuse me a final refusal
For when máámi sings my oríkì
In smouldering sounds
I will rustle into a romantic haze
And dance the steps of the blazing tribes
Of Ilè olújì, with your hand in mine
Cradled in a responsive grasp

For color and lustre, I beg
When the veil of Ilè olújì uncovers
Our interlocked legs
Wave your tender hands to the children
Armying after your gorgeous lot
Wave until their legs are free
And their heartbeats are settled.

If maámi welcomes you
with a twitch of an eye
Embrace the dust with your subtle knees
And kiss her embroidered legs.
For in her grace, our love is primed.
Abèèní, tend the weeds around báámi's threshold
And strike the mould— A thousand times!.

Abèèní- A yoruba woman's name
Ilè olújì— A town in Ondo state.
Máámi—Yoruba name for Mother.
Baámi—Yoruba name for Father.

*©George O. Victor*

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