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Drip,drip drip,does my life leak out
And slowly does my heart sit afar and cry
Broken hands do I have to watch and mourn
I understand where not my life went wrong

If bridges were not
Then my life would be not so short
Slowly melts my heart and burn does my Brain to ground
My body is broken and I am lost

I find myself not one but more
Different worlds I see but all are blur
My heart beats and shakes the ground
And not even a man can stand my roar

Though life they say is fair
I see dark and now despair
My spirit broken and now I fear
When this rift would finally not fall apart

Though we may Run across the land
Our greatest fear did draw us back
Though we did burn as hot as  fire our deepest thought do melt us down
Though we walk up and bright in the dark
Our cries do run and flood the ground
Though we may get lost in our way
Our paths shall once away tread the right way

I'd like to think of a perfect life
But a fantasy for real if wish not to try
I'd like to think of a peaceful life
A thought which men have ceased to think
The land is filled with fire
And weeps but has no one to comfort her

Gone are the days when brothers were brothers
Gone are the days when there were no betrayers
Gone are the days when love walked the streets
Like a free,free,free person
Gone are the days we lived as one

Trust like a rusted rod
For even my clan even loves me not
This did our forefathers warm us
To ignore prejudice and shine as one

When will Peter find Paul?
When will our wishes glow? and stand strong
When will my bulging fear not budge?
When will our land sit up and Run no more?

Though life may seem like a smiling force
It fangs to suck deeply bites my inner one
And on the wet lands of insecurities do we plough our farms of fear
Home,oh home,my cries for you have overflown the sea

And in the maze of life do we  still walk
Never Knowing where we missed it all
My heart does not know peace
Even in the land where I once did live

© Tujahsuccess
The advopoet

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