Bed of Memories

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*Bed of Memories*
She's been sleeping on the bed of memories
Lost alone in her thought, where pain and happiness
Are reflected on her facial.
Suddenly, her lips spread like a flat plate.
The beauty in her teeth appears like a saint,
Thankful to the beauty of life.

Laying on the bed of memories,
Her  past mocks her of her flawless  ignorance
While drops slip from her balls...
Her mind pilots on:
How her hymen was taken in exchange for a pot of porridge
And her ovary has cease to accommodate seamen.

On the bed of memories,
An hour smile keeps the soul awake for a giffy
But, the soul decamps to the opposed aspect, where
Humanity pays more to being rational.

The bed of memories,
Has made the dawn of a new day, thoughtful for seeing
While dusk inject pains on her.


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