To a Young Child

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To a Young Child

Life had taken us this far
From the comfort of the cradle
To the glades of conflicts

Our eyes had seen
The tempest of the sea
Our feet had walked
On flaming mountains

We are the scars
You see in the stars
Have you seen that our backs
Are twisted by the talons of time?

Young ignorant child
The road before you is long
There are hills between the glee
There are embers on enchanted plains
Trouble lurks in the blissful breeze

I should say be watchful
But since you are too young to understand
Innocence is your shield
Your life dances around your palm
And it's not mine to know
If you will rise or fall
Your destiny flows already  in your veins
It flashes within your spirit
And I can only wish you the best

© Olatuja Oloyede

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