Love Made Me a Coward

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This foolishness you see in me today
Started ever since I fell in love
I have never being a coward
Until when I met her
Who swayed my heart
With her beauty and pride

I am Seki, the hero of yester-wars
The terror that trails the forest beasts
The tamer of poisonous snakes

The twiddling boy you see in me today
Was a brave man yesterday

Many things my experienced eyes have seen
But I can never tell a thing about love
It is that stupidity that makes the heart grow cold

I could never imagine
That I, Great Seki of Lugbanda land
Will one day go down on a kneel
With a bunch of flowers in the hand
Asking a damsel whose hands are akimbo
If she will marry me

She stares blankly away
Over my head as if I was never there
Wondering if I had nothing else to offer
Aside a bunch of yellow roses

© Olatuja Oloyede

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