Behind the Scene by CHUKWUPAT'O

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As in the days of yore,
without abyss,tantamount today.
We have heard,but have not seen,
we perceived,but have never tasted,
Angelic in speech
devillish in actions.

Much seriousness for nothing but to fail.
Reverberating mezaiah! Mezaiah!! mezaiah!!!
Phynotypically humans,genotypically vultures
even nurturing grudges before the carcas,
Promising bait as an award.
Who is fooling who?

We have just a Saviour
and this we know.
Even your animus reflected in the dark,
we have no choices,but just a choice,
what an abysmal abyss shyster
an accolade for my dear traitorous nation, prognosticating agendas beyond their lifetime.
If they do not know,
tell them WE DO,
not ignoramus of that.
era of insubordinators,
destructions in-lieu of transformations.


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