Little Evelyn

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Little Evelyn

Little Evelyn
Chuckling when no joke is made
Dragging everyone's thumbs to the mouth
Your mother just said
You are less than a year old

How long must a child stumbles
Before it knows how to walk?
How long must a baby babbles
Before it knows how to talk?

Should I tell little Evelyn
The contents of my thoughts?
Will she  ever understand
The reasons behind my tears?
How will this little innocent girl know
That the fears in me is about her own destiny

Little Evelyn
I wonder if you are in the wrong place
At the wrong time
But you will soon learn the tragedy
That brought you into this ugly world
You survived a terrible abortion
Your father is now on the run
Denying you and the girl that brought you here
You have no place to call home
Than the dirty slums that house your heartbroken mother

But little Evelyn
Since you survived death at birth
Forcing your way into mortal world
You should also survive hunger
You should also survive poverty
You should survive loneliness

You may be the mistake of your parents today
You can also be their miracle tomorrow

© Olatuja Oloyede

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