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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

My Doom is My Beauty_____Part 2 Adunni and the Spirit Bird

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In the forbidden forest
I could feel the presence of the spirit
Of those who died before their time
This is a journey of no return
And I am ready to hang and die
And end this misery at once

I know it so well
That I will shriek and scream
In the pangs of death
No one will hear me
_Segilola_ my mother
Died when I was a child
And my father is still away on the battle field

If I joined the ancestors today
No drums will welcome me
The gate keepers of the elusive realm won't open
Because no hands will bury me
No child to remember me
 On the other side
I will also be an outcast
For mine is an ignoble death
Eternity will not purge that
But since it's death
That can end my present misery
Let me die and end it all at once

Just as I made to hang myself
*_Eye Awoko_*, the bird of fortune
The emissary of God
Perched on my tree of death
And began to sing her song

I know immediately
It was Segilola who sent her
Because I felt her presence
Frolicking in the wood
Her hands seems to caress my dying body
Those hand that tended me at infancy
The melody of the bird
Reminds me of her smile
That grin that often lightens my heart
I could almost hear her voice
From the transcendental realm
Telling me to hold on in patience and listen:


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© Olatuja Oloyede
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