Letter to My Future Wife

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Hello love,

To my future love anywhere you are, I write the throbbings of a wondering heart. Do you remember several years back when we were about making our entrance into this world? We sat in the sand of a beach in heaven watching the parabola ecstasy of the dolphins in the tides of that crystal sea. That was where I told you I will soon be leaving heaven for earth. I saw those clouds gathered in your eyes as I break the "bad" news but you couldn't stop me, my mind was made up. But you also said you're gonna join me here if I didn't change my mind and eventually leave heaven. But that was the last time we saw because I checked out of heaven that very evening.

It took me nine months to get here and journey was pretty cool. However, right there in the darkness of my mother's womb, I couldn't write you any letter and I also forgot  you and my heavenly home. Was preoccupied with what the world really look like. Nevertheless, the strangeness of this side of eternity pierces my heart at first sight and I gave my first infant cry. Got busy with ascending the socio-economic but culturally constructed ladder and I soon forgot all about you and the beautiful life we once shared in the azure realm above. Yeah, I'm sorry I did.

Now, I'm beginning to think that someday, I might need to find you. Anywhere you are, maybe a million miles away or more, as you read this through your mind, just be fine. You've always promised me in heaven to be fine, right? Just calm down, give a sigh of relief and look into the thin lines of your heart, there lies the unseen volumes of my love written in endless pages. Look into the vastness of the sky, try count the stars. If you can't, come with me then to the sea, count every single grain of sand in the beach. If you still can't count, come with me to the field and count every single blade of grass but if you can't count, then you can't count the measure of my love for you. But stay where you are, you know I will find you somehow, someway somewhere someday. It may be years and many years from now but we promised to meet at the crossroad where we shall never part again. But till then, take good care of yourself.

Yours faithfully,


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