Letter to My Future First Child

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A Letter to My Future First Child.

Hello my young one,

You seems to enjoy the bliss of the yonder realm so much that I saw you yestermight running in the lawn of the sky. Let my words sail to you in the yacht of silence, in the chariot of thoughts, and in the mystery of the wind. I know your world is beautiful, so also is mine, just that not many would believe here that you will see or even read this letter. Such is the shallowness of our world for we dwell in the mockery of many impossibilities.

However, I'm writing to hint you about mortality and humanity. You see, at this side of eternity, some tears never dry, some broken hearts never mend, some pains never end, some beasts never die. Many homes are ruined, many dreams are shattered, people's hope battered, and joy lynched. Such is the way our world is made and somethings are just like that. The natural beast in man is capable of evils beyond the comprehension of angels and the predictions of the groits. So dear, when you come over here, don't be perplexed to see many nations engulfed in the untamable flame of confusion and selfish individual bound for a catastrophic end.

Nevertheless, I've emancipated myself from the chasm of bondage humanity is plunged into. 've got ma comfort in da King of creation, the ruler of the great generalismo.

Yes,yes, I admit that sometimes I'm scared of the sun going down the western slope. I wonder too about what lies behind the sepulchre and in the darkness of the abyss of death. But I know for sure, the Master of Mystery will keep me safe and those who trust him  through many storms in the hollow of his mighty wings.


My child, being around for a while, life has taught me a great lesion which you must know aforehand. All our fears, worries, and anxieties are nothing but shadows. They are giant mountains created in the heart by reflections as the sun produces shadows beneath the market tree. But they are mirage that appears real in the distance but vanishes if you dare to defy all doubts and advance.

So dear, fears, tears, worries, and sometimes even failures may cause man endless sorrow, they are the priceless ornaments with which time is adorned. They are the esteem jewels that beautifies our world making the frail stronger, the heart tougher, and the soul brighter reminding us we need God and we need one another.

So to my hero child, I carve for you a path of bravery that defects storms and buffeting wind. Climb the mountains, cross the rivers, saunter in the wood. Conquer the land, conquer the sea, for yours is a noble birth.

Yours Committedly,


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