The Echoes by Mazisi Kunene

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Over the vast summer hills

I shall commission the maternal sun

To fetch you with her long tilted rays,

The slow heave of the valleys

Will once again roll the hymns of accompaniment

Scattering the glitter of the milky way over the bare fields.

You will meet me

Underneath the shadow of the timeless earth

Where I lie weaving the seasons.

You will indulge in the sway dances of your kin

To the time of symphonic flutes

Ravishing the identity of water lilies.

I have opened the mountain gates

So that the imposing rim

Of the Ruwenzori shall steal your image.

Even the bubbling lips of continents

(To the shy palms of Libya)

Shall awake the long-forgotten age.

The quivering waters of the Zambezi river

Will bear on a silvery blanket your name

Leading it to the echoing of the sea.

Let me not love you alone

Lest the essence of your being

Lie heavy on my tongue

When you count so many to praise.

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