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Sunday, 29 September 2019

Learn Corel Draw: Using Guidelines

Using Guidelines

Guidelines can be extremely useful tools in the drawing creation process and CorelDRAW gives many options for their use.

Simple Guidelines

Simple guidelines can be produced by clicking and dragging the rulers. They can also be produced by entering the guidelines setup (View Guidelines Setup) The left-hand ruler produces a vertical guideline, the top ruler produces a horizontal guideline. You can drag them to the rough location you require and you can set them to a precise location on the workspace. You can rotate the guidelines, either roughly or to a precise angle. You can create guides from shapes you draw and you can snap to the guidelines.

When you create a guideline it will appear as a red dotted line. The property bar will show its position. Entering a value in the Object's Position will move the guideline to the location you require. When you deselect the guideline it will appear as a faint grey dotted line.

Rotating Guidelines

Selecting the guideline and clicking on it again will open the Rotation Handles enabling the guideline to be rotated at will. If you want to set this to a precise angle this can be set in the Angle of Rotation on the Property Bar and the centre of rotation can also be set.

Snapping to Guidelines

Snapping to guidelines can be turned on or off in the Property Bar when no object is selected or go to View Snap to Guidelines if you have objects selected. Objects can be snapped to guides at their Bounding Box or centre. The edge of the object will appear as a blue dotted line when it is snapping.

Creating Guide Objects

Guideline reside in the Guides Layeron the Master Page in the Object Manager Docker.

If you make this layer active, anything you draw will be treated as a guide object. Such objects will not have fill properties and will appear as a faint grey outline. You can drag objects from other layers into the Guides Layer. You can of course copy objects and then paste them into the Guides Layer when this is active.

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