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Sunday, 29 September 2019

Learn Corel Draw: The Object Manager Docker

The Object Manager Docker

Lesson 12

Advanced CorelDRAW users make much use of the Object Manager Docker. Each item you have created can be identified, accessed and modified in the Object Manager.

New layers can be created in your drawing in the Object Manager and it allows you to move objects between layers and pages. You can do this by dragging the item to another layer or page. Dragging objects within the layer they are on will change the order within the drawing.

Each page you create within your drawing will appear in the Object Manager and selecting objects within these pages will automatically switch the view to the page they are on. You can give names to the layers and pages here too. Right-click on the layer or page and click on rename.


Layers allow you to manage your pages efficiently and productively. You can turn on viewing, printing and editing of individual layers. An example would be in the production of a printed carton. Images that are to be printed on the carton will be created on one layer. A second layer is used for the creation of the vector cutting and scoring part of the file. Turn off printing of the cutting layer when you are printing the images, reverse this when printing to the laser cutter.

Master Page

Each new file has one Master Page that contains and controls three default layers: the Grid, Guides, and Desktop layers. The Grid, Guides, and Desktop layers contain the grid, guidelines, and objects outside the borders of the drawing page. The Desktop layer lets you create drawings you might want to use later. You can specify settings for the grid and guidelines on the Master Page. See the section on Guidelines for further information. You can specify settings, for example colour, for each layer on the Master Page. You can add one or more master layers to a Master Page. This layer contains information that you want to display on every page of a multipage document. For example, you can use a master layer to place a header, footer, or static background on every page.

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