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Saturday, 28 September 2019

Learn Corel Draw: Drawing Basicse

Drawing Basics

Lesson 5

Drawing with CorelDRAW is best achieved by breaking the items you are creating down into a series of discrete components that are then sized using the Transformation Docker and shaped with the shape tool and the Weld and Trim tools in the Shaping Docker.

There are 4 basic tools used to create shapes:

1.Freehand Tool

2.Rectangle Tool

3.Ellipse Tool

4.Polygon Tool

Select any one of these tools and click and drag your mouse to draw.

The rectangle and polygon objects you draw can be modified in these ways: You can radius the corners of a rectangle and you can turn a polygon into a star shape. If you select the shape you will see control points where the lines connect and at the mid point of the polygon lines. Using the Shape Tool, click and drag these.

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