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Sunday, 29 September 2019

Learn Corel Draw: Aligning Objects

Aligning Objects

Lesson 14

As you build your drawing you will find it necessary to arrange components so that they align with other components. There is a variety of ways to do this and CorelDRAW has some quick methods. Select the objects you wish to align then go to the Arrange dropdown menu Align and Distribute then select the method of alignment you need. Note the shortcuts listed to the right of the options:

L -aligns the objects to the left of their bounding box

R -aligns the objects to the right of their bounding box

T -aligns the objects to the top of their bounding box

B -aligns the objects to the bottom of their bounding box

E -aligns the objects to the to their centres Vertically

C -aligns the objects to the to their centres Horizontally

P -aligns the objects to the centre of the page

Remembering these shortcuts will speed up the production of your drawing. Just select the objects and press the keyboard character corresponding to the alignment mode.

A few things to note:

All the components you select will be aligned in the same way and this may not be quite what you intended. Imagine the example below for a simple keyring. The keyring shape has been drawn, a hole for the ring has been drawn and you are ready to place the text to be engraved.

Selecting everything and aligning them centrally will place the keyring hole in the centre too. To avoid this happening, first group the keyring shape and the hole, then align the text on the keyring.

Format text before you align it as formatting after will lose the alignment.

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