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Saturday, 5 January 2019

How to Create a Blog (Lesson 4)

How to Create Your First Blog

You must have a gmail address (Email)

open the gmail address using the browser you want to use in taking this class

Visit with your phone

If you have a blog before, it will redirect you to your dashboard, but if you don't, you will start your blog creation process from there

 After clicking on create blog, you will be taken to a page like this... But if you didn't first log into your gmail... You will be required to first log in before you get to this page ...

To avoid Merry go rounding....

First visit to open your gmail address

After wish you must

Click on create blog

After that, you will be taken to a page where you can create your first blog

The title is the name of the blog... Example like Creative Arena or Techlink etc

The subdomain name is the address or link to your blog....

Example like

Please note, you can always change your subdomaim into different domain or into a customised domain...
It will surprise you that started with a sub domain... But it is still good to choose a sub domain that you be easily remembered by your audience..

Choose a theme out of the default themes.... You can always change the themes later... You can change it thousands of times in a day.... But use one first...

Later during this class, we will be tweaking those themes in an unusual way to made them look advance...

You may check these websites to see what I'm talking about

These are websites I built by tweaking the themes... But that's not the first thing to do... I assume you are new in this craft and you want to learn
After choosing your theme, click on create blog...

And that's all... You first blog is created....
Now that you have your first blog, you have access to

  • A free cms platform already
  • powerful HTML editor
  • SSL tools
  • Search engine optimising tools
  • Among other things

But having created that blog is not the ultimate thing... In fact, it is almost nothing .. So many people can create a blog.... But blog development or upgrading is another thing....

Please, note, your blog is linked to your gmail address and you will get notified by activities on your blog in your mail...

A gmail can create the maximum of 100 blogs....

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