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Friday, 7 December 2018

How to Publish Your E-book on Good Platform like Amazon

EBook Publication

We are creative and thinking beings by creation and what we imagine can move mankind forward if only we are guided in the process of making our impart known. One of the known ways of promoting the power of intelligence is through the publication of books over the years. We can still retrieve the sound minds of great thinkers like Plato, Aristotle, Sophocles, Aristophanes, etc only because they a library of knowledge behind in the published format. It has been said that if you fail to publish, you will perish. The cost of publication can be very high and unaffordable. However, we are living in a digital age where life is aggressively migrating towards the internet. It can be argued that physical library is gradually going out of vogue and the widest range of accessible knowledge can be found online. The beauty of this is that it is free, easily accessed and safe.

What is E-Book?

A book published in an electronic form is known as e-book. They are soft copies meant to be read on mobile devices, tablets, computers etc. PDFs, Doc files, txt, Epub, kindle etc are all types of eBooks.
What you need to do before publishing!
In order to produce a relevant material that will attract good readership, consider doing the following things:
  • 1. Brainstorm: Successful ebooks are always subjected to the same principle of hard copy publication. The right place to always begin your work is to think. A flash of idea is not enough to make a powerful book. You have to think... It is in this process that you consort other helpful materials like books or resourceful people. However, I am of the opinion that great readers are not necessarily the best writers, just that they are expose to diverse shades of thoughts which could aid their perception of life. To me, great writers are those who can project a unique perspective while being aware of surrounding knowledge around the phenomenon he projects. This starts by keeping a jotter where ideas are scribbled as they come
  • 2. Write: Writing is a noble profession that requires discipline and commitment. It is not as easy as so many people think. Funny enough, some believe they can make a great book just with a single wade of the pen. Just the way you can't have an outstanding victory by the first swing of the pen, you can't produce a book by your first stroke of the pen. Nevertheless, you have to write and when you do, do so passionately.
  • Do not forget that your electronic book has to be published in a soft copy format.... So you should type your book using Microsoft word or any other software that is comfortable to you.Typeset and proof read,You have to arrange your book into befitting segments. Don't forget that good books have
  • The title page
  • Copyright page
  • Content page
  • Acknowledgement
  • Introduction/Preface
  • Book itself
  • Bibliography
  • Etc....

This aforementioned segment is not a standard by any perimeters. The kind of book you want to publish will definitely determine way you make the arrangement. Get a good book in the field you are writing on and examine the format of its publication. If it is convenient for yours, there is no crime in following it.
Nothing is embarrassing as a work full of grammatical errors. It ruins your professionalism, reduces your chances of being taken seriously and betrays the trust of those who believe in you. You have to painstaking go through your work over and over again. You should also contact trained editors to help in the correction of those silly oversights...
  • Design a cover:I've heard it said many times that a book sales is as good as its cover... In a practical world, people judge a book by its cover. They envisage the greatness of the piece by the level of attractiveness of its cover. You should therefore consider creating a beautiful cover page for your work.

A good cover include:

A catchy and creative title that will provoke certain curiosity in the minds of your readers
A good accompanying graphics that blends with the idea projected in the work
The authors name as well
In creating a good title page, if you have the basic knowledge of Corel draw or Photoshop, good for you. If you don't, that's fine... I will recommend you install Pics Art. That app is the best I've used so far in the creating cover page. If you have others, I will be glad you if you can suggest so we can learn from each other.

Convert your doc files

  • While you can release to your work into the public domain in any format, I will strongly recommend you convert your work into PDF files before publication. This will make it difficult for your readers to edit or plagiarise your work. You can convert your work from doc file to PDF even on Microsoft word. Click on save as then select the PDF extension before saving. You can also convert doc to PDF on mobile phone using WPS (an android app).You can convert files online too.

Nevertheless, you must keep both format safe either in your mail, drive, cloud, etc so as to enhance your quick retrieval when necessary

Choose an E-book platform

An E-book platform is an outlet (sometimes for financial benefits) through your work gets to your desired audience. There are safe and popular platforms where you can publish your works. Most of this companies pay you commission per sale. Platforms like:
Trade bit
Techlinkcart is an extension of Techlink which allows you to sell your products (books inclusive) and keep the absolute benefit to yourself. You will only have to upload the materials you want to sell and how you want to be reached by interested buyers.
You can also publish on amazon by following this link and its instructions
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