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Tuesday, 10 April 2018


*Paga!*  *Scarredpoet*

Yokolu Yokolu, Ko wa tan bi
Iyawo gbe Oke sanle, Oko yoke
Remember the old wives tale!
Sung on the threshold of Baa Amope

Akanbi bought a hawk to head his chick
Tijani paid a blind to lead him home
Alakope, replaced his rope with onidiru's thread
If you see them selling Opolo in Ejigbo's market, Tell me!

The thief came knocking at your father's door
offering to help repair the damaged doors
you let him in like a newly married bride
Only to accuse your household of theft the next morning

You gathered your thumbs at ballot markets
Thumbing the self acclaimed sons of Awolowo
Direct descendant of Oduduwa, simply because of
their squirrel's beards and shining lenses, now you cry Paga!

Tijotayo, we danced to welcome Iyawo tuntun
We gifted her a pastle for her mortar, instead of
Pounding yams, she took our offspring to the mortar
fastened her wrapper, shreading our sons and daughters
With the head of her pestle.. *Paga!*


Alakope-Palmwine tapper
Onidiru - Hairstylist
paga -A shout of regret

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