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Saturday, 14 April 2018



Seating on a lonely sit
All by myself
Thinking of how it all began

The memories we had,
The love we shared,
The laughter,
The advice,
The scolding,
The fight

But nature has choose to play hard on me
Nature what wrong have I done to you?
Why do you choose to take away my treasures?

My source of inspiration and laughter
But who are my to question the creator?

The end of time can't be turned,
but the future lies all positives"

Prior to lion is a cub
Every great tree was once a seed.
And every king was once a suckling baby.

It doesn't matter what you are today,
what matters is what you will be tomorrow.
Keep investing in yourself and keep hope alive!

Nothing should stop you from attainting that height
Not even death
Keep believing in yourself
And your tomorrow

#D- Xpressionz*
© Abimbola Noble

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